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Welcome to the website of  gantas group. Our firm is active in the construction field, publishing communal and in the insurance, real estate and financial services located in Thermi Thessaloniki. With the sole purpose to better serve our customers, successful, safe, reliable and correct choices - we trade our best services we offer. Browse our website and contact us for free information. Ask our office for:

Agro Business - Γεωργοκτηνοτροφικές Κατασκευές
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Eλάτε να σχεδιάσουμε μια κτηνοτροφική μονάδα ειδικά για τις ανάγκες σας.

Οι κτηνοτροφικές μονάδες της gantasgroup Agro Business είναι σχεδιασμένες έτσι ώστε να παρέχουν:

Ιδανικές συνθήκες εκτροφής (φωτισμός, αερισμός, θερμομόνωση, καθαριότητα)


  • Την υγεία των ζώων σας.
  • Την καλύτερη δυνατή παραγωγικότητα της εκτροφής σας.
  • Καλύτερες συνθήκες εργασίας για εσάς.
  • Μικρό κόστος κατασκευής
  • Γρήγορη εγκατάσταση της μονάδας
  • Απαλλαγμένες από Οικοδομική Άδεια

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες επισκεφτείτε: www.agro-business.gr

Communal Expenses

gantas group - oiko diaxirisi company is a division of gantas group operating in eastern Thessaloniki in Thermi municipality, for more than ten years consistently, honestly and efficiently.
We are available to handle the management of your building expenses and to adjust it to the appropriate management program that you want. And all this quickly, reliably and economically! Accurate and fair cost allocation of communal lights, cleaning of stairs and builidning entrance, lift and heatong expenses.
We estimate and publish your building's communal expenses in accordance with applicable laws, with a very simple process.

Real Estate Agency

Grantas Real Estate is a greek real estate agency which specialises in real estate for sale in Greece. It offers properties for sale in Greece, houses for sale in Greece, villas for sale in Greece, apartments for sale in Greece and plots of land for sale in Greece. It assists you all along the process of the acquisition of your property in Greece. It deals with properties for sale in the Thessaloniki, properties for sale in Halkidiki and Makedonia. Let us know your desired property and we will forefill your dream property in the area. Now that the market is in a recession our update lists of land on sale in Thessaloniki will provide you with bargains that are never offered in that price range before.

Insurance Broker

gantas group insurance agency  Company based in Thermi Thessaloniki, provides general insurance in Greece since 2008 as an Insurance Broker. Positive evolution of financial results, winning investment, in combination with effective management, strengthened company’s position into insurance market.
Our company utilizes a wide sales network with peripheral partners in Athens and Thessaloniki, agency offices and exclusive sales offices in most cities of the country.

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